Intellectual tool system for research and development
Intellectual tool system

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What is the intellectual tool system ?
The intellectual tool system is the system which was devised to support the discovery of the idea in research and development. The system is produced based on "Square mechanism" developed as basic mechanism. "Square mechanism" won a prize for invention in Japan.

The system does not use the expression by the language as much as possible and promotes "the outbreak of the idea" by using more the expression with the picture. The reason is because the intuition is "construction of the scene", and the picture affects the "intuitive scene construction" directly. Therefore the explanation of the intellectual tool allowed it to be understood only for sight using a CG animation. In addition, a product and the technique produced using the intellectual tool are edited to confirm it with a video picture. You can understand how an intellectual tool was used for a product and the technique definitely by operating two pictures at the same time.
At first, in the use of the system, please choose an intellectual tool related to your problem among a tool system screen. Then, please operate the intellectual tool which you chose repeatedly. An idea to solve your problem before long will be discovered naturally. In addition, each systematized intellectual tool possess the symmetricalness each other, and "the network which is holonic" is constructed. Therefore you choose plural intellectual tools among a system screen at the same time and can discover "the new idea" that joined plural intellectual tools by operating it repeatedly.

" Sample pictures of the intellectual tool system "

" Unmanned factory using ceiling space movement system "
CG promotion video of unmanned system by voice commentary

The operation of the intellectual tool using the Web
The intellectual tool system is managed in Web. Therefore you operate an intellectual tool instantly without choosing the time and place and can develop a thought.

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