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Intellectual tool system for research and development
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The tension type synchronization
The tension type synchronization system is composed of the four-sides drive mechanism using the tensility of band shaped parts such as belts or chains. This synchronization type supports the movement beam thus reducing the degree of bend moment applied to it by the tensility of band shaped parts attached to it. The stiffness of mechanism is thus improved and two-dimensional movement can be realized with high precision and high speed.

The tension type synchronization
High speed, high load X Y robot

The intellectual tool system is the system which was devised to support the discovery of the idea in research and development. The system is produced based on "Square mechanism" developed as basic mechanism. "Square mechanism" won a prize for invention in Japan.

The operation of the intellectual tool using the Web
The intellectual tool system is managed in Web. Therefore you operate an intellectual tool instantly without choosing the time and place and can develop a thought.

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