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The numerous joints Square robot
The numerous joints Square robot, is a robot mechanism made up of a numerous joints type mechanism and a Square type mechanism. This robot allows the free degree which the numerous joints type mechanism is excellent for, to correspond to an arm and the rigidity which the Square type mechanism is excellent for, to correspond to a leg. It is a robot mechanism, which by having synthesized this " arm " and " leg " has a high degree of function and efficiency. Generally, space is left unused near the ceiling of a factory. By arranging a numerous joints Square robot in this ceiling space without changing the layout of any conventional facilities even, automation of the whole area can be actualized.

Uninhabited factory using the numerous joints Square robot
Welding robot

The intellectual tool system is the system which was devised to support the discovery of the idea in research and development. The system is produced based on "Square mechanism" developed as basic mechanism. "Square mechanism" won a prize for invention in Japan.

The operation of the intellectual tool using the Web
The intellectual tool system is managed in Web. Therefore you operate an intellectual tool instantly without choosing the time and place and can develop a thought.

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